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2022-2023 asce la ymf
Executive board Nominees

Thank you for taking the time to vote for the 2022-2023 ASCE LA YMF Executive Board.  Please review the candidates for each position and cast your vote by clicking the button below.

Voting will close on
Friday, June 30th at 11:59 PM

Sam Potts

MNS Engineers

IMG_9004 (1) - Sam Potts.png

Vision Statement

When I first attended an ASCE LA YMF event as a college sophomore, I was astounded by the vibrant community and open arms that I was met with. Ever since, each member has contributed to the breadth of diversity within the group, bringing us all together for our shared love of civil engineering and how we can use that love to drive positive change in our local Los Angeles community. As the 2022-2023 ASCE LA YMF President-Elect nominee, I want to serve as the catalyst that directly supports our chapter’s emerging leaders and operational successes.


The verdict is clear: this pandemic has been difficult for everyone in one way or another. Years of interaction limited to computer screens and Zoom calls has taken its toll. Yet, I see hope. The next generation of students are eager and energetic; it is time that we help them realize their full potential. In turn, we can build a strong foundation for the future of our own YMF. Meanwhile, we can bring back the opportunities to revitalize old friendships while building new connections. Lastly, with a strong team, I want to have ASCE LA YMF embark on a major service project, a way to bring direct, positive impact to our local community and bring ourselves that gratifying sense of purpose. ASCE LA YMF has brought me so much purpose to my career and life over the past seven years, and now I am ready to pay it forward as this the next president-elect.

ASCE Board/Committees/Positions 

  • ASCE Los Angeles YMF, Treasurer (2021-present)

  • ASCE Los Angeles Section, Secretary (2021-present) ASCE Committee on Student Conference and Competitions, Secretary (2019-present)

  • CSUN ASCE, Practitioner Advisor (2019-present)

  • ASCE Los Angeles YMF, PE Review Course Chair (2018-2021)

  • ASCE Los Angeles Section, Strategic Communications Chair (2020-2021)

  • ASCE Metropolitan Los Angeles Branch, Newsletter Chair (2019-present)

  • ASCE Task Committee on Student Competitions (2018-2019)

  • ASCE PSWC 2019 Technical Paper Judge

  • CSUN ASCE, Treasurer (2017-2018)

  • CSUN ASCE, Concrete Canoe Project Manager (2016-2017)

  • CSUN ASCE, Event Coordinator (2015-2016)

Other Applicable Volunteer Activities

  • ASCE LA YMF, Engineer’s Week High School Day Site Lead (2022)

  • ASCE LA YMF, Student Night and Job Fair Volunteer (2019, 2020, 2022)

  • ASCE LA YMF, Engineer’s Week Scholarship Essay Grader (2021, 2022)

  • ASCE LA YMF, Popsicle Stick Bridge Technical Paper Grader (2022)

  • ACEC Channel Coast, Programming Chair (2021-2022)

  • Taft Charter High School Marching Band, Program Coordinator (2014-present)


  • 2021 ASCE Region 9 Outstanding ASCE Practitioner Advisor

  • 2021 ASCE LA Section Outstanding ASCE Practitioner Advisor

  • 2021 ASCE MLAB Outstanding ASCE Practitioner Advisor

  • 2021 ASCE Richard H. Nettleton Outstanding Practitioner Advisor Award

  • 2020 ASCE LA YMF President’s Award

  • 2018 CSUN Department of Civil Engineering and Construction Management Outstanding Undergraduate

Vice President

vice President

Andrea Mosqueda


AM_Headshot_Crop - Andrea Mosqueda.jpg

Vision Statement



In my two and a half years with the Los Angeles Younger Member Forum (LA YMF), I have jumped at the opportunity to participate in professional and community activities and share my time and skills in the service of others.  I am grateful for the doors that ASCE has opened, allowing me to meet other incredible, like-minded engineers and providing me with the means to give back to others.



Since January of 2020, I have committed hundreds of hours both as a general and board member. As a general member, I volunteered at Student Night & Job Fair (SNJF), Engineers Week (E-Week), and even assisted in coordinating LA YMF’s first hike and cleanup service event.  In attending these events, I had the opportunity to meet other LA YMF members - many of whom served on the board - and so the desire to become a board member myself was soon ingrained in me. 

As the 2020-2021 SNJF Co-Chair, I, with the help from my two other co-chairs, led the planning and execution of one of LA YMF’s largest annual events. Our 2021 SNJF saw over 300 participants including students, recent graduates, and recruiters.  As the 2021-2022 E-Week High School Day Lead, I coordinated activities at five high schools with over 150 participants and volunteers.  As the Scholarship Chair for the same year, I organized the application and evaluation process for a program that awarded almost $30,000 for middle school, high school, and college students.

One of the most valuable things a person can contribute to any organization is their time and that is why I have committed so much of mine to LA YMF. I am present and engaged, and these are the skills that I will continue to bring to the table as Vice Present of LA YMF. I will commit to my duties as Vice President, but just as importantly, I will continue to be present and engaged in all the activities LA YMF carries out - assisting both the executive board and general board in their duties to ensure success across the board (pun intended).

ASCE Board/Committees/Positions 

  • ASCE LA YMF SNJF Co-Chair | 2020-21

  • ASCE LA YMF Scholarship Chair | 2021-22

  • ASCE LA YMF E-Week High School Day Lead | 2021-22

Ani Sarkissian


Ani Sarkissian Headshot - Ani Sarkissian.jpg

Vision Statement

Civil engineers build communities. There is a responsibility to be ethical and inclusive, as well as provide opportunities and advocate for our community. ASCE LA YMF has allowed me to work with my peers to create a positive impact on the community. My goal with my involvement is to be able to connect students of all ages and professionals with opportunities to grow, learn, and give back. I’m thankful to have served in the ASCE LA YMF Board the past few years. As Scholarship Co-Chair from 2019-2021, my goal was to provide scholarships to a wider range of students, and provide as many opportunities as possible to support their education and goals. As Engineer’s Week Middle School Day lead for the past couple years, I provided a forum for many students to see that STEM truly is for everyone! Serving as Secretary this past year has given me the opportunity to support the club overall by sharing opportunities and keeping members updated. As Vice President, I will continue to work closely with the whole YMF Board, and ensuring that our civil engineering community is well informed and well connected! My goal is to provide open arms to new and returning members, just like I was welcomed into this club. My vision is to ensure all feel welcome in participating in ASCE LA YMF, and can interact to keep creating these wide-reaching events and opportunities. My goal is for our club to continue to inspire each other to build communities that are inclusive to everyone. ASCE has been a support system for myself since freshman year of college, and I look forward to working alongside my peers to keep creating impactful events that uplift our community.

ASCE Board/Committees/Positions 

  • ​ASCE LA YMF Secretary (2021-2022)

  • ASCE LA YMF Scholarship Chair (2019-2020, 2020-2021)

  • ASCE LA YMF Engineers Week Middle School Day Lead (2020, 2021)

  • ASCE UC Irvine, Environmental Competition Project Manager (2018-2019)

  • ASCE UC Irvine Student Member (2015-2019)

Other Applicable Volunteer Activities

  • Rotary Club of Placentia Youth Service Project Chair | 2019 - Present

Other Applicable Volunteer Activities

  • Graded scholarships for various events, including: Engineers Week (2019-2021), Student Night & Job Fair (2019-2021, Pacific Southwest Symposium (2021)

  • Provided resume reviews, mock interviews, preparation for career fair panels for college students (2019-2021)




  • ASCE Daniel W. Mead Prize for Younger Members (2022)

  • ASCE LA YMF President’s Award (2021)

  • ASCE OC Geotechnical Engineering Award (2018)

  • ASCE OC Gary Gilbert Achievement Award (2017)



Matthew Jacobson

Kimley-Horn and Associates

Jacobson_ASI - Matthew Jacobson.jpeg

Vision Statement

ASCE has provided me so much more beyond professional benefits; it is where I have made some of my best friends and found a home during my undergraduate journey. Over the past five years, I have really enjoyed advancing my professional development and building life-long relationships through ASCE both at the student chapter level and as a professional.


Transitioning to a working professional I wanted to continue developing relationships with young engineers, help others with their careers, and advance the profession of civil engineering with ASCE LA YMF. This year I co-chaired the return of our first in-person Annual Student Night and Job Fair since 2020. We had 17 companies and over 130 students attend the job fair followed by the banquet where we presented over $25,000 in scholarships! It is events like these that keep me motivated to give back to others.


I want ASCE to become your resource, your home and your family as you set the foundations for your careers. I would love to help ASCE LA YMF do this through improving its strategic communications, building on its steadfast success and achievements. After learning how to operate virtually through the pandemic, I believe it is more important than ever to enhance our digital communications. We must build an even stronger brand through improved visibility and become the go-to resource for communication and tools. Use of social media and digital resources must remain effective and up-to-date and evolve to amplify our relevance in a rapidly changing world.


My greatest ambition is to spark leadership and enthusiasm in not only our ASCE members but people outside of civil engineering to understand the importance our profession has on society. If elected, I would be honored to serve you and our peers to advance our careers, strengthen our profession, and expand ASCE horizons.

ASCE Board/Committees/Positions 

  • Member, ASCE Committee on Younger Members (CYM) | 2021-Present 

  • Member, ASCE Governing Documents Committee (GDC) | 2021-Present

  • Practitioner Advisor, Cal Poly Pomona ASCE Student Chapter | 2021-Present

  • Student Night & Job Fair (SNJF) Co-Chair, ASCE LA Younger Member Forum (YMF) | 2021-2022

  • Newsletter Chair, ASCE Metropolitan Los Angeles Branch (MLAB) | 2021-2022

  • Chair, ASCE Student Presidential Group (SPG) | 2020-2021

  • President, CPP ASCE Student Chapter | 2019-2020

  • ASCE Student Ambassador | 2019-2021

Other Applicable Volunteer Activities

  • Member, National Society of Professional Engineers | 2021-Present

  • Attorney General, Associated Students Inc. at Cal Poly Pomona | 2020-2021

  • Student Member, Chi Epsilon Civil Engineering Honors Society | 2018-2021

  • Student Member, California Land Surveyors Association | 2017-2021

  • Student Member, Institute of Transportation Engineers | 2017-2021





  • 2021 ASCE William H. Wisely Civil Engineer Award -

  • 2021 ASCE Region 9 Outstanding Civil Engineering Student

  • 2020 ASCE LA Section Outstanding Civil Engineering Student

  • 2020 ASCE SB/R Branch Outstanding Civil Engineering Student

  • 2020 ASCE Society-Level Student Leadership Award

  • 2020 ASCE New Faces of Civil Engineering Collegiate Edition


  • 2022 ASCE Robert Ridgeway Award Finalist

  • 2022 ASCE Region 9 Distinguished Student Chapter

  • 2021 ASCE Region 9 Distinguished Student Chapter

  • 2020 ASCE Certificate of Commendation

  • 2019 ASCE Certificate of Commendation

Gurjot Kohli


IMG_7089 - Gurjot Kohli.JPG

Vision Statement

Civil Engineering at its very core is an act of service to our local communities by promoting urban development, enhancing green spaces, creating resilient and adaptive infrastructure and increasing livable and enjoyable environments. ASCE has been a vehicle for me to be able to achieve these goals by connecting with fellow like-minded individuals. As a native Angeleno, it is so impactful to be able to help my local community by inspiring the future generations about the power of STEM and forging a career path in it through Engineer's Week. It is great to be able to facilitate an arena where students can be recognized for their successes and given an opportunity for their first full time employment at Student Night and Job Fair.


As a treasurer for LA YMF, I want to be able to make sure we can maintain and grow a budget that can facilitate events like these and more ideas that board members and chapter members propose. Beyond reimbursements and budget allocations, it was inspiring to see so many scholarships be awarded to students who both needed it and deserved it. It would be great to create a fund specifically for those scholarships and give more money in the future through our sponsorship packages, PE Review Courses, and general donations. Financials are always the backbone of any organization although it may not be the forefront of focus. Creating a sound budget, limiting overages and saving enough through eliminating redundancies can make a huge impact on the future of our organization.

ASCE Board/Committees/Positions 

Since I have been in college, ASCE has been a major formative factor in my professional development. I was a secretary at my local chapter at UCLA between calendar year 2017-2018. With the help of my fellow officers, we were able to win the prestigious Robert Ridgeway Award based on our Annual Report. After graduation, I was involved in ASCE LA YMF as a University Outreach Chair from 2020 to 2021. Together, my co-chair and I were able to connect with students during the midst of a pandemic and collaborate with the Professional Development group to provide resume reviews, interview workshops, scholarship information and general networking. Currently in 2021 to 2022, I am a Professional Development Co-Chair and am responsible for developing the Lunch and Learn series. Also, my co-chair and I have worked with schools to conduct resume and mock interview workshops. As the pandemic restrictions are lifting, we plan on implementing local technical tours to inspire our young and student engineers. Beyond our insular programs, we have collaborated with the LA Section Sustainability team closely to instigate their development.

Other Applicable Volunteer Activities

  • Environmental Engineering Advocacy Team at UC Berkeley - Speaker Seminar Organizer (2019-2020) I organized speakers to come to Berkeley to provide talks about their subjects for a graduate seminar series.

  • American Water Works Association at UCLA - Founder/President (2018- 2019) I founded a chapter of American Water Works Association, the only water focuses club at UCLA. Through forming a close knit officer group, we competed in the Spring Conference, organized research talks and held technical tours.

  • Renewable Energy Association at UCLA - Solar Team Lead (2016-2017) I managed a team that planned to install passive solar thermal water heaters for a 50-meter pool on campus, install solar arrays for the cooperative housing for UCLA students, and perform a lighting audit in the Wooden Center. Also, I directed 20+ students to install no-cost solar panels in low income neighborhoods in Los Angeles with Grid Alternatives. Lastly, I successfully integrated 5 solar umbrellas across our residential community with a 15,000-dollar budget by May 2017

  • ASCE at UCLA - Secretary (2017-2018) I documented meeting minutes and distributed weekly email amongst officers to streamline communication for important updates. Also, I created a comprehensive annual report detailing the chapter's progress, accomplishments and suggest changes to be implemented in the next year [Recipient of ASCE's Robert Ridgeway Student Chapter of the Year 2018].


  • American Water Works Association CA/NV Spring Conference - 3rd Place in Student Poster Competition - March 2019

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