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LA YMF Attends ASCE Younger Members Leadership Symposium

The Younger Member Leadership Symposium (YMLS) is a 3-day leadership workshop hosted by the ASCE Committee on Younger Members (CYM). This conference focuses on early-career professional skills development to help associates succeed and lead in the workplace. Associates will practice self-reflection about their personal management style, debunk common leadership myths, isolate key leadership traits that contribute to successful project management, and discuss ways to implement what you learn immediately. In addition, associates will have the opportunity to interact and network with other Younger Members from across the nation.

LASCE LA YMF board members attended all the following seminars:

  • Introduction to Communication Styles

  • Developing Your Personal Vision

  • Managing, Leading, and Your Personal Leadership Practices

  • Supercharge Your Career

  • Mentorship Panel

  • Life as an Engineer – It’s A Balancing Act

  • Negotiating Skills

  • Difficult Conversations

  • Communication Styles

  • Managing People and Projects

  • Decision Making Tools

The conference offered ASCE LA YMF board members a professional training program taught by MBA professors and experienced professional engineers specifically catering towards young engineers. In attendance from LA YMF ,we had Ruwanka Purasinghe, Brian Phan, Linda Luu, and Kevin Woods.

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