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August Happy Hour - Peking Tavern & Escape Room

ASCE LA YMF’s August Happy Hour was set in some of the older part of downtown LA near an old bank vault at the Peking Tavern. We all met up there for some food a little drink before getting pumped up for a tough escape room at Escape Room LA, just down the street. They split up our group of 10 into two as we entered separate elevators. Luckily, we were able to come back together for the actual escape room, the detective! We searched through 25 different puzzles only to come up short of just one puzzle that would have solved it all and got us out of the room and with the stolen jewels. Fortunately, we all had a great time working together, using our minds, and trying out best to communicate while in a state of panic. All in all, we were able to create new bonds and come out knowing we can make a difference as engineers even though we didn’t escape.

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