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November Happy Hour - Painting the Night Away

This past end to the fall, we spent our happy hour in Glendale. While there, we were able to enjoy a great 2 for 1 drinks happy hour at the Tavern on Brand along with some tasty seafood nachos and other goodies. After having our fill at the restaurant, we made our way to the Alegro Restaurant, a small walk away. There, we met up with the rest of our painters and began our masterpieces along with the fun stylings of our instructor who dubbed us as the "Kevin Woods" group since we booked the tickets in advanced under my name. All in all, the comedy of the night, with fun being poked at us as well as enjoying a glass or two of wine, made this night all the more memorable. We'll be looking forward to our next paint night as we always enjoy our active happy hours. We hope you can join us for Bachata happening this coming January!

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