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Mount Baldy Hike

April's monthly hike was to Mount San Antonio aka Mount Baldy. From San Antonio Falls to the vast peak of Mt. Baldy, we enjoyed this 11+ mile hike that had many surprises in store for us. The hike began early in the morning but it was worth it with a gorgeous waterfall, right at the beginning. After the waterfall, we made our major journey and stopped at the Sierra Club Ski Hut. This historic place, built in 1937, gave us a nice stopping spot to check out the hut as some people were there and let us get some of the fresh spring water that is always flowing in the hut. From the ski hut, we made our way up Baldy Bowl which was a tough challenge as we trekked up to the peak. Near the peak, we were lucky enough to see a bighorn sheep and got some closeup views of it. At the top we were above the blanket of clouds that spread throughout most of the area with only the desert showing signs of land. We finished the hike going down Devil's Backbone Trail down to the Mt Baldy Ski Resort which brought us a well rewarded lunch break at their restaurant. From there, some took the ski lift back to the car while a couple others completed the whole loop on foot. It was a tiring but rewarding day that was nice a cool with amazing views.

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