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2018 Student Mixer

On the night of November 3 located at the heart of the USC campus, occured the Annual Student Chapter Mixer. USC hosted the event and universities such as CSUF, CSULA, CSULB, CSUN, LMU, and UCLA attended. LA YMF board members were in attendance in addition to two ASCE Region 9 Governors: Mojgan Hashemi and Yazdan Emrani!

Claris and Suraj started the event off with an introduction of University Outreach and their mission this year along with the upcoming major events for the school year. Arman followed up with a great presentation about YMF. Yazdan, then, did an extremely helpful presentation on public speaking. Students were then given opportunities to practice what they just learned by making speeches to the entire room about their student chapter. Through and through, the event had lot of energy and participation from the students. The presence of the LA YMF Officers and the ASCE Region 9 Governors encouraged students that their ASCE involvement can continue after they graduate. The event topped off with a fun outing to The Stocking Frame in Downtown Los Angeles where students and LA YMF officers were able to socialize.

The students left the Student Mixer with new ideas on how to improve their chapters and with confidence knowing that their student chapters are not alone―that their fellow Student Chapters and YMF are there for them. This is us.

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