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Middle School Robotics Club Mentoring

ASCE LA YMF was invited to see a middle school robotics club preparing for their Robotics Competition where they had to address mental health obstacles for astronauts during their long journeys in space as well as code their Lego robot to perform several missions.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Middle School has three teams including a 6th grade team, a 7th grade team and an 8th grade team to perform in this year's Robotics competition which is space themed! Some of the 8th grade team members were at a previous event ASCE LA YMF hosted, "Girl Scouts Dream Big at LADWP", where they asked ASCE LA YMF's member, Monica Morales, to come see them in action preparing for their competition! The students warmed up by presenting each group's idea to address astronaut's mental health through providing virtual reality experiences of their favorite restaurants and places on Earth in order to provide them a sense of home and comfort. They also presented their progress and struggles with coding certain missions for their robot to complete. After these presentations, the groups set up their competition floor boards, laptops and robots while playing some electronic dance music to get in the mode!

Below are pictures of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Middle School Robotics Team seeing how their robots perform to the code they set up thus far:

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