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STEM Booth at Girl Scouts Camp

Meghrie Demirdjian, Claris Rivera and Monica Morales held a STEM Booth at the Girl Scouts' El Ranchito Camp. The scouts rotated through six different activities where our STEM booth was one of their rotations after learning how to rock climb, build a tent, make a fire and fire cooked marshmallow s'mores, and other team building activities.

Our STEM booth included two activities being a PVC pipe and wood block structure building activities. Meghrie and Claris, being structural engineers, led the wood block structure building activity, and Monica being a water engineer, led the pvc pipeline building activity. There were approximately 15-20 scouts per each rotation and 6 total rotations.

From three of the groups, we personally heard from the girl scouts that our activity was their favorite of all the rotations (even over s'mores and rock climbing?? They had to be pulling our leg)! The scouts really enjoyed learning about engineering from a few female engineers!

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