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Mini PSWC 2k18 (11.18.2018)

Mini PSWC returns! ASCE LA YMF hosted the event at Hansen Dam near CSUN. The events included Mystery Event, Kan Jam and Volleyball competitions where 8 universities participated! Our overall top three winners were USC in 3rd place, UCLA in 2nd place and LMU in 1st place! UCLA beat the competition in the volleyball portion, LMU took 1st in the Mystery event which had a stormwater twist, and CSUF took top place in the Kan Jam tournament!

Thanks to all the schools who came out for this friendly competition. Al the schools were so enthusiastic to get to know each other better and in participating in the events. We hope all the students had as much fun as we did! The mission of the University Outreach team this year is to create a LA YMF presence among the universities and foster a community with those schools. With over 150 students in attendance and the strong enthusiasm felt throughout the day, we are confident that we are on our way towards this mission.

We look forward to organizing an even better Mini PSWC next year!

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