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Nicole Aquino is a Traffic Designer at RailPros and works on traffic design and analysis at highway-rail grade crossings. She recently graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a degree in Civil Engineering. Nicole was actively involved in CPP's ASCE and ITE student chapters and held various leadership positions. She's looking forward to continuing her involvement with ASCE by inspiring students to consider a career in engineering. In her free time, Nicole enjoys reading, finding new places to eat, and going to Disneyland.


Carolina is an Environmental Engineer at LA Sanitation & Environment. She recently graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a B.S. in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in Environmental and a minor in Regenerative Studies. She became involved with ASCE through her student chapter at CPP during her freshman year in college and has been involved ever since. Other organizations/ programs that she has been involved in are EWB, CWEA-AWWA, and ASCE OC Pathways Program. She is a vegan foodie, loves traveling, and is passionate about personal development. Some of her hobbies include spending time with family and friends, exploring hidden gems, hiking, and going to the gym.

Nicole Aquino | K-12 Outreach Co-Chair

LA Younger Member Forum

Carolina Corona | K-12 Outreach Co-Chair

LA Younger Member Forum

About the CommiTtee

ASCE LA YMF visits classrooms/students all over the Los Angeles County, advocating the importance of math, science and engineering in the future of our communities. We provide classrooms with innovative programs and resources, and instruct engineers, educators, and parents on ways to reach out to kids, mentor, educate and much more!

At the core of ASCE's K-12 Outreach effort are research-based initiatives designed to engage pre-college audiences in educational experiences that support engineering. For younger students (pre-K – 6), ASCE's outreach materials acquaint children with the role of civil engineers in the community and explore science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) through inquiry learning and engineering design principles. For middle school aged students, ASCE materials expand on STEM exploration and introduce civil engineering as a career option for all students to consider. At the high school level, we provide specific information about the engineering career pathway and highlight the variety of career options within the civil engineering profession through the stories and profiles of young professional engineers.


ASCE partners with leading educational groups, engineering associations, the highly-rated PBS network, and others to provide technical expertise and bring ground-breaking resources to advance formal and informal engineering education.

Our ASCE LA YMF K-12 Outreach Program currently offers the following outreach events:

  • Hands-on activities on topics such as earthquakes, levees, catapults, and much more

  • Educational videos and slideshow presentations on What is a Civil Engineer? and Becoming a Civil Engineer

  • Interactive online exploration labs

  • Community events that reach out to current and future generations of engineers.

  • Award winning annual Popsicle Stick Bridge Competition for local High School Students.

Want LA YMF to visit your classroom?

Sign up using our Doodle link to request a visit from our K-12 committee! Visits may be virtual or in-person. 

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