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Mentorship Program

2021 Cycle Applications Close April 23, 2021
Registration Closed

Mission Statement

The Mentorship Program pairs young working professionals with experienced engineers to provide guidance, broaden perspectives, and build lasting one-on-one relationships.

Program Overview

The Mentorship Committee will aim to create suitable matches between a mentee and a mentor based on the participants' interests, geographic location, and engineering discipline. Mentor/mentee pairings will last approximately 12 months. Mentor and mentee assignments will be based on both the initial application completed by all participants and a round of interviews between potential mentors and mentees. Enrollment is limited and is at the discretion of the Mentorship Committee. 

Requirements to Participate

  • Be an ASCE member

  • Mentors: 6+ years of experience in the field of civil engineering

  • Mentees: Working professional with 0-10 years of experience

  • Complete the Mentor/Mentee Agreement

  • Note: Applicants who are actively involved in ASCE will be given priority

Program Events

  • Kick-off Event

  • Mid-year Event

  • Closing Event

Roles and Responsibilities

The mentor/mentee relationship aims to provide enrichment for both parties. Clearly defined roles and responsibilities will aid this process. While every relationship will be unique, the following is intended to provide guidance for participants:

  • Approach the program with a sense of commitment.

  • Determine a set of desired outcomes for the mentor/mentee relationship.

  • Discuss how the mentor and mentee will keep in touch/communicate.

    • It is recommended that the mentor and mentee meet/communicate at least every other month.

    • Be specific when planning the meetings. Include possible locations.

  • Refer to the Relationship Guidelines table for additional participant responsibilities.​

Relationship Guidelines
Contact Us

For​ questions or additional information, contact Dana Robertson at

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