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PSWC Alumni Meetup

The Pacific South Western Conference (PSWC) is an annual event that isn’t just for students anymore. After the 2016 conference hosted by CSU, Long Beach from March 31st to April 2nd in Long Beach, CA, the LA Section YMFs hosted a meet up happy hour for alumni from all 18 competing schools. This was a chance for PSWC volunteers and judges to take a break and enjoy the warm summer weather, see old friends and make new ones while enjoying delicious snacks and cool drinks. The turn-out was much bigger than anticipated with over 70 alumni from 12 schools represented. The patio was relaxing with sounds of a reggae band warming up as the night progressed. Overall this was a great event and a chance to show that ASCE isn’t just about a conference or a school but about a community with many shared experiences and goals. We hope you can join use for the next event after PSWC 2017!

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