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Lincoln Middle School Dreams Big

Nearly 1200 students from Lincoln Middle School were able to Dream Big with their own private screening in their school theater! Each science class was able to enjoy the Dream Big movie during class time on a Friday! Two engineers presented the movie to each of the classes to describe what Dream Big is all about as well as talk a bit about their own career paths. After the movie, some students had very passionate questions about engineering and how things worked. They definitely enjoyed their science class that Friday! Thanks to Lincoln Middle School's science teacher, Marianna O'Brien, for reaching out to ASCE LA YMF initially about Engineers Week, and then making it possible that we could show Dream Big to your whole school!

ASCE LA YMF's Monica Morales of JACOBS also got to hang out with the Bot Ball Competition Team after school to see how they are putting their big dreams into action by building and coding their own autonomous robot! Meet Lincoln Middle School's Bot Ball Team!

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