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Rosemead HS Engineering Club BBQ

A few years ago, ASCE started an engineering club at Rosemead High school to support the next generation of engineers. One of their main events each year was to have a BBQ where they can casually speak to working engineers and share their knowledge and experience with them.

The BBQ started at 11:00 am and as the students were eating their meals, they had a chance to network and socialize with the professional engineers. We then proceeded to a Q&A session where we asked the engineers questions and allowed them to share their experience with the students. The questions ranged from personal questions from journey in high school to questions involving their technical experience on the field.

The students then broke out into individual groups to speak to each engineer which allowed the students to learn more from the professionals. Overall ASCE hopes that the students gain valuable information from these engineers and it will help them towards in their own professional careers.

We would like to thank all the volunteers that came out to the event and for supporting the High school Engineering Club.

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